Philippe Fierens

Building a Wall(et) for your database

Philippe Fierens
Security is more and more often in the news. How can you make your environment safer? TDE, SSL , certificates, …they have one thing in common they all make use of Wallets.
What are the Caveats and can you work around them. Wallets can be used for TDE, SSL, certificate storage, cluster security, OUD, rman backup authentication …how do you tackle this, and how to combine this features. We will go through the setup and show you how we solved some issues by separating the wallets. This session is not a cryptography or security session but merely has the ambition to help the dba to make use of wallets in day 2 day life. 12.1 and 12.2 will be covered in this session.

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Philippe Fierens is an independent Oracle DBA, the last couple of years he mainly worked on Engineered Systems, in the banking sector. The first engineered system he worked on was the first Super Cluster in Belgium, he helped putting it in place. afterwards he worked on various Exadata systems, X4, X5, X6 in a pretty complicated environment, with plenty of features used, TDE, SSL, Partitioning, OUD, ....