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Alan Arentsen

Closing the gap between APEX and JET

Alan Arentsen
Arentsen Database Consultancy

Oracle JET offers a lot of fancy new content to use in your web application. But it isn't a low-code platform. And going from a low-code APEX environment to a hardcode JavaScript platform can be difficult.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could use components and modules made in Oracle JET on a low-code way in APEX.

In this presentation, I will show you how to incorporate JET functionality in APEX with low effort. I will use the JET version which is incorporated in APEX 18.1.

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O Avtorju

Alan Arentsen is an Oracle APEX developer with experience on a wide spectrum. He has done everything between installations and development in PL/SQL and APEX. Alan has been developing applications in Java, C++, and various scripting tools since 1998. Since he met APEX, his enthusiasm has grown. Nowadays he also is focussing on Oracle JET.

So far he has presented on te following conferences: DOAG2014, APEX World 2015, KScope15, SIOUG15, DOAG2015, OpenWorld2015, APEX World 2016, OUGN16, AMIS 25 BEYOND THE HORIZON, KScope16, DOAG2016, UKOUG Tech16, Oracle Code 2017 Brussels, Tech Experience 2017, SIOUG17, HrOUG2017, DOAG2017 and APEX World 2018.

In June 2017 he was rewarded with the Oracle ACE award.