Java & DevOps

Dalibor Topić

Fast Forward to JDK 11!

Dalibor Topić
Oracle Corporation

In this talk, you'll learn about the new features in JDK 11, the first long-term support (LTS) release in a new, faster Java SE release cadence.

We'll discuss the how these features benefit your code, and how existing code can be brought forward to benefit from JDK 11. Last but not least, we'll discuss how to keep up with innovations coming up in JDK 12, and future releases.

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O Avtorju

Dalibor Topic lives in Hamburg, Germany, and works as Principal Product Manager for Oracle. He joined the OpenJDK project in order to help make it a successful open source project, and stayed for anchoring Java in Linux distributions, and as an all around Java F/OSS community guy. He joined the Java strategy team at Oracle to help provide community feedback into the long-term strategy planning.