Java & DevOps

Miha Vidmar

Experience from building a working product on blockchain (and in Java)

Miha Vidmar

For over a year, ICONOMI has had a live platform integrated with multiple blockchains. Because our platform is built on Java, we will briefly discuss how the platform was built and provide a feel for our architecture.

Next, we will dig into our experiences integrating and working with the blockchain world, with an overview of what it's like to work with the most common platforms like Bitcoin and Ethereum, our biggest challenges, and the technical maturity of the blockchain space and how it is evolving.

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Jezik / Language: SLO

O Avtorju

With his extensive knowledge of complex systems and more than 15 years of experience creating software solutions for the financial industry, Miha Vidmar is now the Chief Technology Officer at ICONOMI. Miha is a highly experienced software product manager and architect who has held the highest positions in fintech and traditional financial software companies and will help keep ICONOMI at the forefront of financial and blockchain technology. He started his professional career as a software developer at one of the biggest companies in the Adriatic region. Later, as a program manager with in- depth knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of IT systems, he was responsible for managing large financial institutions and telecommunications companies. He has gained rich international team management experience as a product manager at Skrill and a director of development at Halcom, a banking software development company.