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Virtual Live Event

12. - 16. oktober 2020

MakeIT Week 2020



MakeIT Week 2020 - An Online Experience

This year we're facing an unprecedented and unpredictable situation which puts us in a position where we have to make choices that we're not used to. Given the unpredictable situation of the pandemics all around the world, responsibility towards all of you, presenters and attendees, is our top priority.

Based on the latest developments, and given the uncertainty of the situation, we decided to deliver the MateIT Week 2020 conference in an online format. The conference will take place between 12th and 16th of October 2020. We hope you'll be able to attend it, as its contents will cover many different IT areas.


About MakeIT Week





Explore the latest technological advances and interesting ideas with the most inspiring speakers in our sector. Local and global experts present the latest and most important content from the development of architecture, databases, machine learning, artificial intelligence, programming languages, methodologies and culture in IT environments, security and a series of sessions covering Java, cloud, big data.

You are invited to the MakeIT Week virtual conference to expand your knowledge base, sharpen your skills, gain practical experience with the latest technologies.

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Nekaj izpostavljenih predavanj na konferenci MakeIT Week 2020, za celoten pregled si oglejte rubriko VSEBINA.

Predavatelji / Speakers

Nekateri predavatelji na konferenci MakeIT Week 2020, za celoten pregled si oglejte rubriko VSEBINA.


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