Tomas Lušina

Developing multiplayer games played by millions

Tomas Lušina
Software Engineer @ Outfit7 (Slovenian subsidiary Ekipa2 d.o.o.)

In this talk we’ll cover how Outfit7 pumped up the fun in their game catalogue by introducing multiplayer as a core element in a number of titles.

Tomas will take us through both his and the studio’s evolution from developing simple multiplayer games like the Space Trails mini game from My Talking Tom 2 or reusing established concepts like in Talking Tom Bubble Shooter to making more complex battle arena type games in their newer titles. You’ll hear about the different technologies used, such as Vert.x (matching), how Outfit7 deployed the backend infrastructure on Google Kubernetes Engine and how they synchronized multiplayer communication between clients with Quantum. Tomas will also give insights into how a game release is planned by analysing replays from gameplay test sessions and simulating multiplayer matches, and how his team learned to better plan backend heavy games for faster release cycles.

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About author

Tomas made the 180 switch from the banking industry to the fun industry in 2014 and never looked back. He was the backend engineer on the first Outfit7 multiplayer game Talking Tom Bubble Shooter and has since been the backend lead on multiple Talking Tom titles as well as all Outfit7 games developed by external partners.

Through his journey, Tomas developed a deep knowledge of how to make multiplayer games run like a charm with millions of concurrent users. He mastered both the technical processes and the teamwork savvy needed to pull complex projects together and ensure Outfit7’s games run on unbreakable backend architecture.

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