Mario Fusco and Edoardo Vacchi

Kogito: Cloud-native Business Automation

Mario Fusco and Edoardo Vacchi
Red Hat

The Kogito project is a new Java toolkit based on Drools, jBPM and OptaPlanner, designed to bring our traditional, battle-tested business automation engines to the cloud.

We have rethought the architecture of our platform to enable developers to realize distributed business automation applications with ease.

Leveraging modern application development frameworks, such as Quarkus, we can integrate seamlessly into a large range of capabilities. In particular, Quarkus has shown how it is possible to push the boundaries of traditional Java frameworks to make them cloud-native, through the power of GraalVM’s native compilation.

After a quick introduction to Kogito we will show with practical examples how to build cloud-native event-driven business applications; to the point where applications can be even deployed in a serverless environment, through Knative. We will also show what challenges a distributed environment poses, and how we can deal with them.

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mario fusco

Mario Fusco

Mario Fusco is a Java Champion and works at Red Hat as principal software engineer and Drools project lead. He is also a frequent speaker, the coordinator of JUG Milano and the co-author of "Modern Java in Action" published by Manning.


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Edoardo Vacchi

During my PhD, I researched language design and implementation at University of Milan. After three years at UniCredit Bank's R&D department, I have joined Red Hat: I work on the Drools rule engine, the jBPM platform and the Kogito project.

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