Francesco Tisiot and Brendan Tierney

Picking a Good Wine for Under $30 using ADW, Oracle ML, OAC

Francesco Tisiot and Brendan Tierney

Every want to have an “algorithm in the Cloud” help you pick a good wine for a fair price? This detailed demo and presentation walks you through the entire process; launching ADW, uploading data, creating an Oracle Machine Learning notebook, exploring the data, building machine learning models, applying the models and most importantly, picking a good bottle of wine!

We’ll even review our machine learning insights and predictions using interactive graphing in Oracle Analytics Cloud and possibly show how to deploy our model into Apps using Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS). This presentation demonstrates how developers and DBAs can quickly become machine learning experts. Examples illustrate the different machine learning options in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, showing what can be achieved very quickly and with a few lines of code. So, sit back, grab a glass of fine wine and learn some practical and fun Oracle machine learning Tech Tips.

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Brendan TierneyBrendan

Brendan has been working in the area of Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning long before they were called those terms.

It's all about using data effectively and intelligently, taking these technologies out of the lab environment and into production or the different functional areas that use them.

He has written/co-written 6 books - available on Amazon:

    • '97 Things about Ethics Everyone in Data Science Should Know', O’Reilly Press, 2020. (co-author)
    • 'Data Science', MIT Press, Essentials Series, 2018. (co-author) - 6 language translations
    • -- Available in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Turkish -- Amazon Best Seller in 2018 and 2019.
    • 'Oracle R Enterprise', McGraw-Hill, September 2016 (sole-author) - one additional language translation
    • 'Real World SQL and PL/SQL: Advice from the Experts', McGraw-Hill, August 2016 (co-author)
    • 'Predictive Analytics using Oracle Data Miner', McGraw-Hill July 2014 (sole-author)
    • Knowledge Discovery Practices and Emerging Applications of Data Mining: Trends and New Domains, IGI Global, 2010. (co-author)

Brandan is Oracle GroundBreaker Ambassador (July 2018, formally Developer Champion) and Oracle ACE Director (February 2013)

He has published articles on various data and data science topics in Forbes Magazine, Oracle Connect, Oracle Magazine, Oracle Scene, OTech, ODTUG Technical Journal, IOUG SELECT Journal, Oracle Technology Network, Oracle Developer Community & ToadWorld.

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