Francesco Tisiot

Become a Data Scientist

Francesco Tisiot

The concept of Business Intelligence is undergoing a significant change: from guessing based on trends of the past to implementing sophisticated machine learning models to predict the future.

Not everybody, however, can follow the wave: the skill set needed to create, train and evaluate ML models is complex and most of the times different to the one in the hands of the typical analyst. The figure of Data Scientist is now rare and most companies can’t afford to include enough people with such role to cover all the analytics needs. Oracle Analytics Cloud aims to solve this problem by democratizing the concept of Data Science: data cleansing, enrichment, model training and evaluation are now tasks that can be performed visually in the tool lowering the barrier of Machine Learning. Are you evaluating if OAC can enhance your company predicting ability? Are you an analyst looking to move your first steps into machine learning? Are you an experienced ML professional and want to know how to integrate your models in the tool used by your analysts? This presentation is your Kickstarter!

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