Charlie Berger

The Evolution from Oracle Data Professional to Oracle Data Scientist in 6 Weeks!

Charlie Berger
Oracle Corp.

Oracle Databases are the industry-leading, feature rich, powerful and simple to use databases. Oracle Machine Learning, an included feature, make machine learning simple.

OML “moves the algorithms; not the data!” processing data where it resides—in the Oracle Database (On-premises, Cloud and Autonomous). Using Oracle’s “Converged Database” companies can harvest more information, discover new insights, make predictions and deliver data-driven predictive applications. Oracle Machine Learning’s 30+ in-database algorithms address many business problems such as predicting customer behavior, finding anomalies, detecting fraud, recommending cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, discovering new customer segments, performing sentiment analysis, anticipating turnover and discovering key factors. Data scientists, data analysts, data professionals and application developers, can take advantage of the power of OML using SQL, R and Python, “drag and drop” UIs, Notebooks, AutoML UI and integration with open source R and Python. Come hear what is new and how to start your “6 week journey” from Oracle Data Professional to Oracle Data Scientist!

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