Roger Cressey

Integrating ERP and Analytics for Real - Use Case

Roger Cressey
Qubix Intl.

Netsuite is one of the fastest growing Cloud ERP's. Traditionally for small to mid size organizations, there is an increased requirement, as it expands to larger enterprises, to expose financial data to both the Enterprise Performance Management and Business intelligence environments.

This talk will describe how this can be achieved, and will describe the methods and technologies used to make this 'marriage' between ERP and Analytics a robust and efficient one! A real life solution will be described, and demonstrated.

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Roger Cressey is a Global director and founder for all companies under the Qubix umbrella, based in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Slovenia and India. He has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of all the Qubix International companies. Roger continues to focus on developing Qubix’s relationships with customers globally and in managing the growth of the Qubix brand as a whole. His current emphasis is to continue to grow the Qubix brand in the USA.

He has secured, planned and overseen numerous projects, including the implementation of Business Analytic (EPM and BI) Solutions at multiple companies in multiple business sectors; ranging from Banking and Investment Banks to Consumer Products; from Construction to Industrial Products, and from Film to Airline companies. These applications have spanned management accounting, performance scorecards, funds under management, logistics, sales revenue, and profitability, risk and impairment, amongst other things. Roger maintains a strong relationship with Oracle Product Development, and regularly deliver training in locations across the globe. He often represents Qubix at conferences; giving presentations and getting involved in Q & A panels.

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