Jackie McIlroy

Get Insight into your APEX Applications

Jackie McIlroy
United Codes

So, you create an awesome APEX application and send it out into the world... do you ever wonder how it's being used?

If people use it as you intended or if people are experiencing issues you never hear about? When users have issues, do you have enough information about their problem to solve it? I have experienced all of these issues and in this presentation I will take you guide you through the solutions. Using a tool called APEX Project Eye, we can easily gain insight into all or our applications... during development and after!

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Jackie McIlroy is an Oracle APEX developer with over 13 years of experience. She currently works at United Codes with a focus on their products: APEX Office Print (AOP), APEX Media Extension (AME), APEX Project Eye (APE), and Plug-ins Pro. She is an Oracle ACE, maintains an APEX-related blog (jackiemcilroy.blogspot.com), is co-organizer of the Dallas/Fort Worth Oracle APEX Meetup group, and is a volunteer admin of apex.world. Jackie enjoys mentoring new APEX developers and helping others create awesome APEX applications.

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