Aishwarya Kala

Demystyfing the use of Wallets & SSL with your Database

Aishwarya Kala

Are you still using scripts with hardcoded passwords or config files that store them? Is the sqlplus connection to your database secure .. how do you figure out whether it is?

This session will aim to help DBA's get answers to all the above questions, take advantage of the various oracle features, understand their usage, and leverage these tools to harden the security of the databases.  We will introduce wallets, certificates and secure connections, bust the mystery around their configuration & maintenance. Look at various tips & tricks around managing them based on real-life use cases, including requirements form organizations to move to the more secure TLS v1.2

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Aishwarya is an Oracle aficionado working with Pythian and has spent a significant part of the last decade working with, exploring and having fun with Oracle Databases and related technologies She is a regular speaker in the AIOUG events and is a regular contributor to the Oracle Community via her blogs and posts. Always keen to learn, discuss and explore new technologies - she is a certified professional and an uncertified database sleuth.

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