Piet de Visser

Function Result Cache - Fixed

Piet de Visser

On troubleshooting a particularly Complicated (PL/SQL-based) system, we found that the Function-Result-Cache did not work as advertised. A Colleague found the cause, and devised an inventive Fix.

This Presentation is must for developers struggling with over-complicated systems, and for the architects that design them. We can help you avoid some Mistakes.

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Piet is an experienced Database Consultant and DBA. He is in IT since 1987, and specializes in Oracle-, Postgres- and Databases-related technology since 1994. He combines conceptual knowledge and technical know-how with extensive experience in global and complex organizations.

He also invests a lot of effort in maintaining a network of Like-Minded database-specialists worldwide and is a regular speaker at international user group events and symposia.

Piet likes to Travel, speaks various languages more or less fluently, and is alway insterested in learning how to say "Hello" and "Thank You" in a few more languages (provided he can learn it in-situ).

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