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Achieving Extreme Scalability, Availability, Tenancy, and Sovereignty with Sharding

Sean Scott
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Oracle Sharding is a technology for managing multiple, geographically dispersed databases in a shared-nothing architecture. Sharding is often associated with large, complex databases but that need not be the case.

Based on Oracle Partitioning technology, sharding is a component of Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture and boasts a rapidly growing user base. Its adoption is a result of the many database challenges it solves, including extreme availability, fault isolation, data tenancy, application response and latency, hybrid cloud deployment, migration, and data sovereignty. In this presentation, learn how Oracle’s sharding technology works, its limits, implementation planning, use cases, and features and enhancements planned in Oracle 20c.

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Sean has worked with Oracle technologies as a database reliability engineer, database administrator, architect and developer since 1995. Sean specializes in RAC and Maximum Availability Architecture, Engineered Systems, database migrations and upgrades, database reliability and resilience, replication and performance tuning. His skills include DevOps, automation, cloud computing, containers, Trace File Analyzer (TFA) and Autonomous Health Framework (AHF), virtualization, and Infrastructure as Code. Sean’s experience covers a range of industries including manufacturing, e-commerce and retail, logistics and transportation, scientific research, pharmaceuticals and medicine, utilities, government and military, gaming, entertainment and higher education.

Sean contributes to the Oracle community as a regular presenter at conferences and webinars, including Collaborate, Oracle OpenWorld, RMOUG and UTOUG. He serves on the boards of the Utah Oracle User Group and Real Applications Special Interest Group and is a member of the Database Technology Committee for the Collaborate/IOUG conference. He enjoys helping database administrators understand and embrace emerging technologies like Docker and containers, virtualization, automation, Cloud computing and distributed systems. Sean is an Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Specialist and blogs at

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