Georgios Andrianakis

Quarkus: The Kubernative Native Java Stack

Georgios Andrianakis
Red Hat

Cloud native application development in the form of microservices and serverless apps are challenging the Java deployment model in terms of memory requirements and start up speed.

Quarkus is a Kubernetes native Java stack that can tailor your application for Hotspot and AOT native compilation providing amazingly fast boot times and incredibly low RSS memory usage, making Java great again in a Cloud Native Universe.

Come to this talk to get an introduction to Quarkus to see how you it can supercharge your development experience and how it makes getting your application on Kubernetes a matter of seconds!

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Georgios is a Senior Software Engineer working for Red Hat where He works on Java frameworks like Spring and Quarkus while also exploring their synergies with cloud native systems like Kubernetes and Openshift.
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