Suyash Joshi

Deploying Deep Learning Models using Cloud Native Java Technologies

Suyash Joshi

So you've built / found the perfect Deep Learning model, now how do you put that into production while maintaining it? This talk is all about Machine Learning Engineering and Operations (MLOps) on the Cloud.

  • How to take ML models and deploy them using Java based micro services using open source Helidon framework.
  • Learn the fundamentals of Machine Learning (TensorFlow, Tribuo, ONNC) with examples from TensorFlow, PyTorch, Deep Java Library
  • Learn how to integrate machine learning code within modern enterprise Java Application
  • Create & Monitor ML Services for various client applications

The talk will be hands on with a mix of presentation and live coding. All the code samples will be available on GitHub after the talk.

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Suyash Joshi works in Developer Relations & Marketing at Oracle in San Francisco. He brings extensive background in enterprise Java & Cloud computing, having worked as a senior engineer at Oracle for 6.5 years. He is an active speaker at industry conferences on Big Data/AI and Cloud Computing.

In his spare time he enjoys performing sleight of hand magic.

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