Sanjay Goil and Paul Parkinson

Using Helidon and GraalVM with Oracle database and OCI for simplifying (polyglot) Microservices

Sanjay Goil and Paul Parkinson

In this talk we present an overall development architecture - app tier and data tier - for building scalable Microservices with Helidon, GraalVM, and the converged Oracle database.

The talk covers a mobile food delivery app - GrubDash - to illustrate business data, spatial, graph, document/JSON data types - with the containerized, multi-tenant aspects of the data platform, while also showing aspects of docker containers and kubernetes that are available both on Oracle Gen2 cloud and the on-premises Oracle Linux stack. The attendees will be able to complete self-guided hands-on-labs to get familiar with the code and extend it to build their own microservices with familiar patterns such as event sourcing, transactional messaging, Sagas, and CQRS.

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Sanjay Goil is VP Product Management, where he leads platform and product architecture for messaging and microservices with the Oracle Database on the cloud. He has background in Big Data, Machine Learning, distributed systems and infrastructure technologies, and developer tools throughput his career with tech companies and startups.

Paul Parkinson is the lead for microservices with Helidon, working on the transaction layer, polyglot support with GraalVM, Sagas with LRA; to simplify development and maintenance of modern enterprise applications.

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