Mani Sarkar

Tribuo: an introduction to a Java ML Library

Mani Sarkar

As a developer or a Java developer, if we look around and are following current trends, we can see how it's hard to keep track of technology.

Especially with so much progress in the AI/ML space, we can sometimes feel a bit like we have been left behind. But with Tribuo - a Java-based ML library, things are going to change for Java/JVM developers. In this talk, we will see how we can make use of the features provided and also interact/interop with other extended technologies and frameworks in this space. We will try to do all of this with the help of code and demos. Keep your eyes open for puzzles and thought exercises through the course of the presentation.

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Mani Sarkar is a passionate developer mainly in the Java/JVM space, currently strengthening teams and helping them accelerate when working with small teams and startups, as a freelance software engineer, data, ML engineer.

A Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, JCP Member, OpenJDK contributor, thought leader in the LJC and other developer communities and involved with @adoptopenjdk, @graalvm and other F/OSS projects. Writes code, not just on the Java/JVM platform but in other programming languages as well, hence likes to call himself a polyglot developer. He sees himself working in the areas of core Java, Hotspot, GraalVM, Truffle, VMs, Performance Tuning, Data, and AI/ML/DL/NLP.

An advocate of a number of agile and software craftsmanship practices and a regular at many talks, conferences and hands-on-workshops – speaks, participates, organises and helps out at many of them. Expresses his thoughts often via blog posts (on his own blog site, DZone, Medium and other third-party sites), and microblogs (tweets).

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